Sometimes I come across a food so good my immediate reaction is to ask -- angrily, and to no one in particular -- why was this kept from me?!

This is how I felt after making gözleme, a Turkish stuffed flatbread, tonight. I'd never heard of it before.
My sister sent me a recipe from RecipeTin Eats and we cooked it together over video chat. After trying
it I found myself asking: why aren't we all eating this all of the time? Why hasn't this swept across food
Instagram in one million Tasty-style videos? It's like a quesadilla mixed with a scallion pancake mixed
with a Hot Pocket, but like, in a good way.

The recipe starts with a suspiciously easy dough. After only 3 minutes of kneading in my mixer and 20
minutes of rest, the dough handled beautifully. I could roll it out to a thin layer without it sticking or tearing.
The dough, though thin, was sturdy enough to hold the filling (leftover creamed greens with an added
egg and cheese).

Next, I pan fried the gözleme, and the result was fantastically savory, crisp, and somehow flaky. How did
this happen without lamination of any kind? What sorcery explains it?

In any case, I am already daydreaming of many different fillings: spiced chickpeas, goat cheese and
greens, eggs and cheese and bacon. I hope some of you will try it and make it your own.


  1. oh wow!! I am still waiting for my mixer but this may be the first thing I make. Gozle me!

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