Meera Sodha's Paneer Butter Masala

(I was supposed to artfully drizzle some cream at the end but it looks like a disaster, which is fine because we don't have to rely so heavily on aesthetics around here!)

There is something soothing about making, cultivating, or growing an ingredient to use for several recipes--especially during this time. My boyfriend has already used some of the scallion we have been growing in my kitchen to make soft scrambled eggs! And right on time, on day five, my basil has finally sprouted!

And for the Paneer Butter Masala, Meera Sodha's recipe from Fresh India, we decided to make our own paneer! We used the same recipe that Cale blogged about but since we are not blessed with a tofu press, we used a colander, cheese cloth, and a 2-quart dutch oven to press. Still VERY easy!

What I also love about this recipe is that you can find a lot of things in your pantry already: canned tomatoes, frozen peas, lots of spices, the herbs you've been storing properly, etc.

I didn't make any big substitutions since I had all the ingredients on hand (except for the chili powder, which I have run out of so I had to resort to chili flakes, and fenugreek, which we bought on our last grocery run--so if you have a tasty recipe that uses fenugreek, let me know! We have a whole jar now!) and luckily was able to follow along in the physical cookbook, but I found this version online, which is in metric but tbh if you have a digital scale, is easier to use.

In any case, I love a recipe that is mostly simmering, and relies on the flavors of the spices/ingredients, so I can just sit on the couch every 10 minutes and stir occasionally. Why do more work??

The recipe says it serves four, but I think it'll give us both at least two more meals, making it six servings! A good quarantine meal, imo. 


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  3. There is something soothingRajshahi best it
    about making, cultivating, or growing an ingredient to use for several recipes--especially during this time.


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