Toast Three Ways

Look, my toasts aren't Sqirl levels of attractive, but then again, even Sqirl's toast—now relegated to delivery only—doesn't even look all that sexy these days. But who even cares about sexy food right now? NOT I.

Anyway, I made toast three different ways for breakfast this morning (I kept saying "toast three ways!" and Kristen was like "it sounds like you're talking about threeways"), using random things I had in my fridge. If you really want to take your loaded toasts to the next level, pan fry the bread in a cast iron instead of using a toaster. 

Pretty much anything can be a toast spread and, just like mini sandwiches seem fancy for no reason, mini toasts are also delightful and faux-fancy. Having three or more different kinds of toast spreads is an easy way to trick yourself into thinking you're having a stylish breakfast even though it's literally just throwing stuff on top of bread. You could absolutely get even fancier than I did and throw some pickled or marinated or roasted veggies in the mix but alas I wanted to keep the prep time as minimal as possible this morning. If you can spread it, you can put it on toast. Cheers!

Starting from bottom, moving clockwise:

1. Goat cheese / chopped chives / cracked black pepper

2. Dill and cucumber yogurt spread / fried egg

3. Hummus / chili powder


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